API Documentation

SlideRoom API

SlideRoom provides a RESTful API for exporting data out of your organization's SlideRoom account. API access is available in our Standard and Advanced plans.


Availability is at 60 requests per hour. Requests including PDFs or Zip files will be throttled at 10,000 submissions per day.


An OAuth token is required to access the API. To generate a token, visit the Developer API page, which can be found under Settings in the Review app.

The OAuth token should be sent with all requests via the Authorization HTTP header:

For example:

Authorization: Bearer A1B2C3D4F5G6H7J8K9L0A1B2C3D4F5G6H7J8K9L0A1B2C3D4F5G6H7J8K9L0


Responses may be formatted as JSON or XML by setting the Content-Type in the Accept HTTP header:

  • application/json
  • application/xml
  • text/json
  • text/xml

API Reference

To learn about API methods, parameters, and responses, consult the API Reference. You can also use your OAuth token to try out any of the available methods.


To simplify development, pre-built client libraries are available for download.

Legacy API

If you are using an access key generated before April 2015, you are making use of the Legacy SlideRoom API. Consider upgrading to OAuth to take advantage of newer functionality.